Business Planning

WebpageProjectManagementIntegral business planning and consideration of the facts of any business initiative are at the core of planning any actions for a competitive and profitable company, regardless of its size.

Create & Act, within the framework of business planning for its clients, provides the following services:
● Business Financial Data Analysis
● Capital Base Review
● Business Indexes Review
● Income Sources, Gross Profitability and Operating Costs Analysis
● Evaluation of Investment Options
● Corporate Organisational Structure Analysis
● Business Plan Development
● Evaluation of Business Scenarios
● Preparation of Operational Budget

Furthermore, Create & Act has extensive experience in working with small and medium-sized companies which is valuable in providing any business planning services to suit the needs of small and medium-sized companies.
● Research of Sector Potential
● Evaluation of Business Opportunities
● Development of Investment Scenarios
● Capital Base Planning
● Business Plan and Operational Budget Development
● Development of Franchise Package (for franchisors)
● Evaluation of Alternative Franchise Packages (for franchisees)