Development of the Retail Experience

sales-marketingThe Retail Experience is a combination of every component in a store or a chain of stores which create the stimuli, images, and experiences that the end consumer takes in. At present, the need to define a distinct model Retail Experience which will constitute a comparative differentiation advantage for a company active in retail is pressing. Due to the accumulated experience of the staff members of Create & Act in terms of various skills (creative artists, marketers, trainers, architects, decorators, merchandisers), many high profile companies from the retail sector trust the synthetical ability of Create & Act.

The Retail Experience includes the following tools:
● Analysis of foreign case studies/models from the same sector
● Analysis of current situation
● Mystery shopping/auditing surveys
● Development of Retail Experience Manuals and dissemination to store employees
● Architectural and ergonomic space survey
● Identification of End Consumers Emotional Motivation Controls
● Development of an architectural identity for stores