Human Resource Training

projectimages-Employee_ManagementHuman resources are possibly the most valuable capital of any company, regardless of the field and market in which it carries out its business activities. It is, therefore, clear that investing in this specific source of comparative advantage should be constant and targeted.

Create & Act provides these individually tailored intra-company training programmes to its multinational and domestic corporate clients after having identified the training needs of each Department or Division. The training programmes are designed according to industry standards, while, in many cases, the opinion of the clients of the company, as well as that its administrative and executive staff is taken into consideration. The training programmes include interactive role playing games and case studies which are based on foreign companies from Harvard Business School. Many of the training programmes are also conducted in English, if the client employs foreign staff.

An indicative list of training courses includes the following modules:
● Effective Wholesale Sales Techniques
● Points of Differentiation in Corporate Sales (Β2Β)
● Acquiring Negotiation Skills
● Train the Trainer
● Leadership Development
● The Principles of Management
● Preparation of Budgets
● The Marketing of Differentiation
● Effective Time Management
● Key Account Management
● Emotional Intelligence (ΕIQ)
● Service at the Heart of a Company
● Entrepreneurship in the Work Environment
● Interviewing Techniques

Create & Act has also significant experience in organising training programmes for hotels and tourism companies. The more compact and effective a sales network is, the better placed are the products of a company in the market. Create & Act designs and implements training programmes intended to improve reseller/agent/distributor/store owner/franchisee networks of some of the major trading companies in Greece and the Balkans. These courses are conducted either in the form of work groups in different geographic areas or in the form of presentations at corporate conferences, placing emphasis on issues of support and training of networks relating to entrepreneurship, the preparation of a corporate budget, local marketing, personnel management, merchandising, window display management, and so on.