Research Tools


Create & Act carries out ad hoc quantitative and qualitative research on behalf of its clients in every District in Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans countries.

The type ad hoc qualitative research designed and carried out by Create & Act includes:
● Market Share and Potential Business Interest Research
● Measurement of Brand Awareness and Evaluation of Purchasing Preference
● Analysis of Mass Media Effectiveness
● Consumer Behaviour Evaluation
● Competitor Benchmarking

The advantages that differentiate Create & Act in carrying out expert quantitative research are the following:
● The extensive respondents database which is used for both field work as well as the preparation of samples
● The design of comparative large stratified samples to enable the best possible surveying of the market
● The expert planning of questionnaires and scientifically documented analysis of all research issues
● The ability to cover simultaneously large geographic areas in any country, such as for example over 50 districts throughout Greece, the entire territory of Romania
● The ability to select a research medium (door to door, telephone gallup – CATI -, P.O.P., e-mailing)
● The courtesy and professionalism of interviewers

Qualitative research gives us have a better understanding our clients, the needs of buyers/consumers by mapping market segments and outlining the consumer/reseller profile for each common goal. In addition, any qualitative research carried out by Create & Actprovides the means to ascertain the level of compatibility with operational and service standards provided by our clients’ retail networks. Other qualitative research categories include determining the possibility of cooperation with resellers/representatives/franchisees and documentation of the corporate climate as reflected in the human resources of any business establishment.

The tools used in qualitative research are:
● Personal interviews with representative end consumers (buyers or users)
● End consumers or user focus groups of any age or socio-economic group
● Personal interviews with resellers/representatives/storeowners
● Reseller/representative/storeowner focus groups
● Evaluation of store networks using the Mystery Auditing/Shopping methodology
● Evaluation of human resources sentiment or satisfaction

Often, personal interviews and focus groups are videotaped or recorded on behalf of clients with the interviewee’s consent.

Qualitative research are often used in combination with quantitative research and provide a wealth of material which is used in the complementary services provided by Create & Act, such as planning a marketing strategy, the implementation of a communication strategy, media planning, training of human resources, the development of Retail Experience Manuals, training of distributors/associates/storeowners, personnel motivation schemes, and the reorganisation of internal operations procedures.

All qualitative research tools are utilized throughout every geographic area in the Balkans.