Tourism Marketing

iStock_000013312220SmallA distinct field of services provided by Create & Act is Tourism Marketing, given that tourism is the largest and most dynamic “heavy industry” in Greece.  The broad ranges of services provided by Create & Act in this sector include:
● Business planning for hotels, tourist resorts, catering, and restaurants
● Preparation of corporate budget
● Organisation/reorganisation and guidance of sales departments of tourist establishments
● Planning of new markets penetration programmes in Greece or abroad
● Development of model customer high added value experience and personnel training
● Customer service evaluations for tourist establishments using the mystery auditing methodology
● Creation of advertising printed and electronic presentation material
● Implementation of integrated advertising campaigns planning and administration
● Implementation integrated public relations and communication programmes with the media, credit cards, tour operators, travel agencies, companies, conference organisers, sports organisations, public utility organisations, environmental organisations, international organisations
● Administration of sponsorship plans and events
● Organisation of innovative presentations at tourist trade fairs and events
● Photo shoots – Advertisements – Printed advertising material – Invitations